Natural Gas Coming to Holdingford

By October of this year, natural gas will be piped throughout the City of Holdingford and Opole.
Greater Minnesota Gas will run a pipe from Upsala to the county line, and Xcel Energy will pipe it from there to Holdingford and beyond.
The main lines will run along the streets and alleys and from the main line to the homes and businesses. Xcel Energy will bring the lines to the residents and businesses, and install the meters.
The first 75 feet and meter will be free. Anything over 75 feet will cost $3.50 per foot.
It will be up to each home owner to have a qualified person bring the line into the home and hook up furnaces, water heaters, etc.
The natural gas will be provided and billed by Xcel Energy and be included on your Xcel Energy electric statement.
We will be having sign up meetings in the near future in which everything will be explained including the amount of savings using natural gas.
There will be a mailing to let everyone know when these meetings will occur.