geting caught up

Buecker $50 every two weeks for cleaning screenings
4th street , slow, children playing,old #17 dead end one is there
July 9th city festival
mattresses on edge of street for over a week called manager, removed that day by someone
long grass notification
wood cuter has staarted felling and thining trees
Donation of park bench

sunnyend of may

Swift Current =Tompkins, Sk.+++++++who is in charge of snow fliers ?
Margaret huls old school recreation talk ?
block 250 5% tax reduction for houses because of trailer court (absentee landloard blighted conditions !!!!!!!!)
charge trailer ct owner( absentee landlord) for lost taxes
John Tracy Enviernmental services
Buy dog trap
have Veteriarn come to inject shots buy license at same time
forgot memorial dedication >darn it
all things must have dates on them
jaycee $1,000 metals $157.75= $1157.75
candle lady given permit to restore old paper office IF SHE FOLLOWS STATE BUILDING CODE 2000 ?
5/12/05 wateershed
maintance requested to take depth readings of two river ditch
Mrs. Heitzman request clean up of ditch by her house
trail bathroom
old mower 22 hours big green new mower 6 hours
$400-$450 school surcharge excess use of treatment plant-Bieckers must remove every two weeks
Bob Pederson "the wood cutter" a very good thing for city -libality though ?



What else does one do. If you are at-in 3;15 toward 153.