Healthy Communities Partnership training

The City of Holdingford's  last Healthy Communities Partnership training will be  at  the Initiative Foundation, Thursday, November 2, 2006 in Little Falls and it will be a fun day of learning and celebrating what the different committees have accomplished over the last year.  Thanks to the support and much help from the Initiative Foundation. With a special thanks to our  'case workers' Dan Frank and Carrie Tripp. And our local leaders Mayor Ernie Schmit and co-chairs Craig Dewar and Roxanne Urbashich.


mural, garden club, housing addition

It looks like the murals on the box car will have to wait until
next spring. The weather cooling down a lot.
The garden club is going full steam with the garden area.
They are in process of getting electricity to the area they are going
to have a Christmas tree. They planted a small one but have a large
one coming for what is to be a annual tree lighting ceremony. Their
plans include having the school choir 'help' with the singing.
Inviting the public , Serving hot chocolate and cookies. It will be
a good community get together.
Another house has been started at the Ridgeview Addition,
the street and utilities are in. One of the things I like is they
planted grass on the whole development, It will look nice next
spring. Instead of looking like a war zone on the empty lots.


Painted Murals

One of the murals on the boxcar at the Lake Wobegon Park is being
finished by Holdingford High School Art teacher Frank Gosach. It's
really looking nice. The other panels will be done next year.


New Well

The City is drilling a new well this fall. All the preliminary work
has been done and we will abandon the oldest one. We will have two
wells servicing the community. With plenty of capacity for many
years in the future.


Dates of beginings of local cemeterys

There was a question of late about the local cemeteries. My
information tells me that
1894 Highland Cemetery started This is the Presbyterian and
Lutheran, actually it is two cemeteries in one as one side was the
'Union Evangelical Church Holding' and the other and the other
Highland Cemetery
1896 St. Mary's Cemetery started, German Roman Catholic
1947 St. Hedwig's Cemetery started, Polish Roman Catholic


On October 2 there was a well attended 'meet the candidates' event sponsored by the Holdingford Lioness Club. at the Holdingford City Center. Participating candidates include Michelle Fischbach and Paul Stacke, District 14 state senator; Barb Beniek and Dan Severson, District 14A state representative; Vince Schaefer, Stearns County Board of Commissioners District 3; Ernie Schmit, Holdingford mayor, Mike Odden and Lloyd Rausch, Holdingford City Council.


public informational meeting at the Holdingford Community center

On Sunday Oct. 1, at 1PM the Comp Plan task 
force will be hosting a public informational meeting at the Holdingford
Community center.  The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the draft comp
plan and solicit input from the public.  The public is incouraged to attend to
learm more about the Plan  and provide input.
The plan can be found on the City web site.