Resurrected Artists Dinner Theatre

Hey a plug for our local community theatre group

The Resurrected Artists Presents: RUMORS
Directed by Linda Zwak written by Neil Simon

Dinner Theatre at The Landing in St. Anna
Friday, Feb., 27 th Saturday, Feb., 28 th {Saturday sold out)
Friday, March 6 th Saturday, March 7 th {Saturday sold out)
Friday, March 13 th Saturday, March 14 th { Saturday sold out)

Reservations Required
[All Dinner Theatre tickets are $22 in advance, Non-Refundable]
Dinner Served at 6:00 pm-- Performance at 8:00 pm

MENU SELECTIONS: 10 oz Ribeye~ Broiled Torsk Grilled Chicken Breast ~ Deep Fried Cod ~ Shrimp Alfredo

Sunday Matinee, March 15 th, 2:00 pm

{ No reservation required}
{ Regular Sunday Buffet available starting at 11:00 am }

For Reservation, please call 320-845--4666
{ Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French }


New in 2009

Signs of the times. Not having posted since November. I have been very very busy !. The company I work for TopRank Marketing is doing well. So that is a good thing. Here are a few things that are going on.
NOW if you need information in regards to Questions or Renting

the City Hall, the Park Shelter, camping, park bathrooms Call 293-6687
The Garden Club is hoping to get a sprinkler system to help with the watering chores. That will allow them to expand their already beautiful gardens by the Lake Wobegon Trail.
The Holdingford Area Historical Society is moving ahead with plans of getting School House #88 moved into town some time this year.

The Lion's Club & HSHS are in final planing stage for the historical plaques that will be put up on the new Lion''s Wobegon trail entrance.
Lion's International did a very nice article on our covered bridge project.

Keep your chin up and have a good year !