Longest Covered Bridge

It's officially 186 feet 1.5 inches long. Longest covered bridge in Holdingford and the State of Minnesota Haven't seen it- ridden or run on it yet ?



Megan Huls a Minnesota Vixen

Megan Huls, from Holdingford has signed on with the Minnesota Vixen — one of 35 teams in the National Women’s Football Association. She is one of 4 women in the St. Cloud area to be on the team.
For more of the story, St. Cloud Times

Times photo by Seungjae Seo; sseo@stcloudtimes.com Football players Megan Huls, Michele Braun, Erica Mois, and Lyssa Heimbecher are in the Minnesota Vixen women’s tackle football team based in of Minneapolis. All four are from the St. Cloud area.



Covered Bridge Grew 20 Feet

[photo from MankatoFreePress]
News Scoop, the Holdingford covered bridge has been advertised as being 164 feet long , The covered bridge will actually be 186 feet long when finished. Cool. according to Lt. Hayes from the US Army Reserve's 492nd Engineer Company.Tags:


Covered Bridge Project Started

Great start on the bridge project, NO SNOW ! 40 degrees and windy but people can deal with that. There are about 40 people planting trees along the trail, another group staining boards for the bridge, that was donated by Valspar, and of course the Army Reserves are doing a great job on the bridge. Pictures with be coming later.