Larry & Karen Schwalbe donated $300 to help the cost of cleaning up their property and the north end of ball park.
Exit 153
City cleanup went very well. We filled two dumpsters full of stuff and one large trailer full of appliances, tv's etc.
Butch (from Tom's Refuse) Herman, Vicki and I were there all morning from 8 to 12. lloyd did his shift from 8 to 10 as did Ernie, 10 to 12. Dick didn't show up as he said he would, Kim was plucking chickens that day.
Holdingford, Minnesotawhat is this


ordinance book mess seems to be cleanedup.
need to reflex in minutes permission for setting up web stuff.
more people interested in high speed internet access- make it happen.
boy scouts cleaning up at park.
long phone talk with k.s. about property I am about ready to call that project done.


relating to memorial control opf space county ? city ?
Naming rights city park+Am Legion Park+???? Ball Field who owns what ? who is responsible for what.......
we need listing of building permits on wall or something so council knows what is going on
original petitioners for incorporation Joseph Winkler, Stephen Diederchs, J. B. Pallansch
TAKE ME TO COURT citizen was always notified by note on water bill of when dog license due doesn't want to pay late fee $25 plus $5 new clerk info not passed on
selective tree cutting happening at park