Job Opening: Full Time City Maintenance Specialist

City Maintenance Specialist
City of Holdingford
The City of Holdingford is seeking to fill full-time position of City Maintenance Specialist.
Responsibilities include; operation and maintenance of municipal water and wastewater systems, snow removal, street, city building and park maintenance, operation and maintenance of city vehicles and other related equipment, other duties assigned by City Council.
Requirements include; high school diploma, valid CDL (Class ‘B’) Minnesota driver’s license, have or willing to obtain Class “D” Water Operator’s License, have or willing to obtain Class “B” Wastewater Operator’s License, have or willing to obtain Type IV Bio Solids License. Applicant must pass a physical, drug test, and background check. Requires physical labor, good public relations skills, flexible schedule and availability some evenings, early mornings and weekends.
Competitive wage, health insurance and PERA benefits. Hourly wage starting at $17.67 dependent on qualifications.
Full job description and application available at City Maintenance Specialist Job
or call City Clerk’s Office, 320-746-2966.
email clerk@holdingfordmn.usclerk@holdingfordmn.us
Application deadline: November 17, 2014.
Send resume and job application to:
City of Holdingford, PO Box 69, Holdingford, MN 56340 or email as attachment tosandra.clerk@holdingfordmn.us

The City of Holdingford is an equal opportunity employer.


Candidates 2014 Holdingford City Elections

Mayor: Susan Marstein

3 Council seats: 

Eric Berscheid
Mike Odden
Bob Sanchez
Edwin Vail


Holdingford Area “Picnic in the Park”

Come join  your friends and neighbors at the Holdingford Area
“Picnic in the Park”
August 24th-2014
12:30 to 4:30 pm
Holdingford Veteran’s Park
Free food and beverages
Sloppy Joes – potato salad – beans - watermelon  and more
Music by the famous “Jean Ostendorf Band”
Games for children, teens and adults
Sponsored by area nonprofit groups
Organized by Holdingford Lions


New playground equipment

Check out the new playground equipment at the Holdingford Veterans Park built by the Holdingford Lions Club sponsored by the Lions Club the city of Holdingford in many community members. the Lion's did a excellent job!


City Maintenance Worker City Of Holdingford - May 2014

The City of Holdingford is seeking to fill the position of City Maintenance Worker.

This position is a full time 40 hour per week hourly paid position.

 Requirements include a high school diploma, a valid CDL (class ‘B’) Minnesota driver’s License, have or willing to obtain a Class “D” Water Operator’s license, have or willing to obtain a Class “B” Wastewater Operator’s License, have or willing to obtain Type IV Bio Solids License.

  Applicant must pass a physical, drug test, and background check.  Responsibilities of this position include the operation and maintenance of the municipal water and wastewater systems, snow removal, maintaining streets, City buildings and parks, operation and maintenance of city vehicles and all other related equipment, physical labor, and any other duties assigned by the City Council.

Must possess good public relations skills.

Must have a flexible schedule and be willing to be on call to work some evenings, early mornings, and weekends.

Competitive wage, health insurance and PERA program benefits available.

 For a full job description and job application call the Holdingford City Clerk’s Office at 320-746-2966

or email at Sandra.clerk@holdingfordmn.us or see the city web-site at holdingfordmn.us 

Completed Resumes and Job Applications are being accepted to  May 16, 2014  

The City of Holdingford is an equal opportunity employer.


Central Minnesota prime spot for agate hunting

Hordes scour the Lake Superior shore for agates. But some of the best searching grounds lie in Central Minnesota, thanks to the glaciers that dropped them here.

HOLDING TOWNSHIP – Ed Opatz spotted the agate first.

Look for it, he encouraged. It's got purple bands. Red bands. A perfect example. Four of us stood in a tight circle, but only Opatz saw the agate.

He released it from the dried grass binding it to the moss-covered, rock-strewn ground. Admired it. Eventually dropped the thumb-sized stone into the worn camera bag with the rest of the day's finds.
We'd been exploring the concave cut of a small, privately owned gravel pit overgrown with weeds dried beige and rattling in the wind. As we headed back to the vehicles with ankles full of prickers and a couple of finds, we were wondering how many generations of kids had combed the site.
Opatz was still looking.
Opatz, 55, who runs an excavating business out of Holdingford, is always looking. On days like this one, he'll spend a few spare hours walking a farm field, inspecting a dirt pile, checking out the long-abandoned, shallow pit. Sometimes he'll arrive at a job site an hour early to hunt agates……..Read rest of the story..http://bit.ly/RXAvQB+


Getting ready to ride the Lake Wobegon Trail

“Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon” will be Saturday, May 10

The annual "Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon" will be Saturday, May 10.
The run will start at 7am at the school parking lot in Holdingford and end at the trail shelter in St. Joseph.
Please come out and cheer the runners on.
Sharon Hobbs, the director of the Marathon says they still have registration openings to participate in the run.

If you want to run this year's marathon the website is www.lakewobegontrailmarathon.org

Blattner Energy and employees Food Shelf Donation

Blattner Energy and its employees have again donated over 4,000 pounds of food, cleaning and paper supply's, plus $2,023 in cash to the Holdingford Area Food Shelf.
Blattner Energy is a great example of what it means to be a good "Corporate Citizen" and give back to the local communities.
This donation will go a long way to help the less fortunate in our community.

Natural Gas Coming to Holdingford

By October of this year, natural gas will be piped throughout the City of Holdingford and Opole.
Greater Minnesota Gas will run a pipe from Upsala to the county line, and Xcel Energy will pipe it from there to Holdingford and beyond.
The main lines will run along the streets and alleys and from the main line to the homes and businesses. Xcel Energy will bring the lines to the residents and businesses, and install the meters.
The first 75 feet and meter will be free. Anything over 75 feet will cost $3.50 per foot.
It will be up to each home owner to have a qualified person bring the line into the home and hook up furnaces, water heaters, etc.
The natural gas will be provided and billed by Xcel Energy and be included on your Xcel Energy electric statement.
We will be having sign up meetings in the near future in which everything will be explained including the amount of savings using natural gas.
There will be a mailing to let everyone know when these meetings will occur.

Farm to School grants bring local food to Holdingford students

Farm to School grants bring local food to Holdingford students

The Holdingford school district is hoping to expand its ability to incorporate food grown on Minnesota farms into student meals with new Farm to School grant funding.
The district currently serves locally grown corn and cabbage, according to Minnesota Department of Agriculture spokesperson Michael Crusan.
To begin serving more types of food, the district needed some kitchen upgrades. So they plan to purchase kitchen supplies and light processing equipment through a combination of their own money and grant funds from the MDA and Blue Cross Blue Shield.
MDA Commissioner Dave Frederickson joined Minnesota Department of Education Deputy Commissioner Jessie Montano, Blue Cross Blue Shield representative Kristi Probst, Holdingford school staff and local farmers at an award program Friday at the school. They toured the kitchen and school garden.
Holdingford was one of 15 districts in the state to receive 2014 Farm to School grant funds.
Crusan said with almost $4,000 the district will purchase sheet pans, knives, serving trays and storage equipment, among other items, to increase its capability to serve locally grown food.
Holdingford serves about 575 breakfasts and about 835 lunches each day, he said.
"They are hoping to increase the frequency of food purchased through Minnesota growers by 50 percent," Crusan said.
Grants were created with legislation that established the Agricultural Growth, Research and Innovation Program.



Holdingford's Annual Fire and Rescue Department Relief Association breakfast is Sunday, March 9,

serving from 8:30a.m to 12:30p.m.

If you have attended in past years, you know how good it is.

 Please come out and support the dedicated men and women of our Fire and Rescue Department!


 Citizen's of Holdingford you will be getting a letter about this in the next day or so.


Area cities around Holdingford are experiencing frozen waterlines.  We have had one resident in Holdingford report the start of a frozen waterline.

We need to be proactive and take preventive measures to keep all of our waterlines from freezing. 

We are asking all residents and businesses that are on the City of Holdingford water system to please let one faucet in your home run a pencil size stream of water continuously until further notice!

While this is not a guaranteed way to keep pipes from freezing, letting a number 2 pencil size stream of water flow at all times will substantially reduce the risk!

What residents need to know and understand, is that the likelihood of frozen water lines WILL INCREASE in late February through March when the outside temperature rises and drives the frost further down into the ground.

YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED FOR THIS WATER!   Your utility bill will reflect the same amount as your January billing!

The waterline that runs from the main shutoff to inside the home or business is the owner’s responsibility.  If you have a frozen service line, the cost of thawing can be expensive and there are a limited number of plumbers that have the equipment to thaw.

If you have a frozen line call Jeremy at 241-5792  or Adam at 293-2015




on TUESDAY, February 18, 2014

at 7:00 p.m.

at Holdingford City Hall to meet with representatives on feasibility of piping natural gas to the

Holdingford area.

Public is encouraged to attend.

Sandra Meer

City Clerk/Treasurer