Citizen's of Holdingford you will be getting a letter about this in the next day or so.


Area cities around Holdingford are experiencing frozen waterlines.  We have had one resident in Holdingford report the start of a frozen waterline.

We need to be proactive and take preventive measures to keep all of our waterlines from freezing. 

We are asking all residents and businesses that are on the City of Holdingford water system to please let one faucet in your home run a pencil size stream of water continuously until further notice!

While this is not a guaranteed way to keep pipes from freezing, letting a number 2 pencil size stream of water flow at all times will substantially reduce the risk!

What residents need to know and understand, is that the likelihood of frozen water lines WILL INCREASE in late February through March when the outside temperature rises and drives the frost further down into the ground.

YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED FOR THIS WATER!   Your utility bill will reflect the same amount as your January billing!

The waterline that runs from the main shutoff to inside the home or business is the owner’s responsibility.  If you have a frozen service line, the cost of thawing can be expensive and there are a limited number of plumbers that have the equipment to thaw.

If you have a frozen line call Jeremy at 241-5792  or Adam at 293-2015




on TUESDAY, February 18, 2014

at 7:00 p.m.

at Holdingford City Hall to meet with representatives on feasibility of piping natural gas to the

Holdingford area.

Public is encouraged to attend.

Sandra Meer

City Clerk/Treasurer