To the residents of the City of Holdingford

Because of the housing slowdown, the City of Holdingford's growth has been stagnant the last
few years. Because the costs of running a city keep going up, we need to grow to keep our
property taxes in check. In an effort to help grow our city, your City Council has decided to
offer incentives to build in the City of Holdingford in 2013.
The first incentive is to wave new water and sewer hookup fees for new homes built in 2013.
The second incentive is to rebate the city's portion of the property tax for two years on any new
construction done in Holdingford City limits in 2013. Whether you build a new home, add on to
an existing home, or add an outbuilding to your property in 2013, the City will reimburse the city
portion of your property tax bill on that NEW construction. When planning to build, bnng along
a copy of your 2013 property tax statement with your building plans when applying for a
building permit. Our city clerk will have all the details about the building incentives and
information on how to apply.
A couple of other issues that need to be brought up: the first is DOGS! We are getting many
complaints about dogs running loose in the city. The city ordinance states, all dogs must be on a
leash or kept in the dog owner's yard. We will aggressively pick up all dogs we find wandering
loose and take them to the kennel in St. Cloud. This action is a very expensive cost to the city
and will also be a very expensive cost to the owner when reclaiming their pet. Let's be
responsible pet owners and take care of our pets! The second issue: we have been having a rash
of problems with our sewage lift station pumps getting plugged up. We are finding articles of
clothing, toys, sanitary napkins, condoms diapers etc. in the pumps. These pumps are designed
to handle a certain amount of debris, but lately they have been overwhelmed. When this happens
our maintenance staff needs to go down, pull and dismantle the pumps to clean them out. This is
very time consuming and not a very pleasant task. So please watch what gets flushed into our
sewer system. THANK YOU!

Your City Council

"The City of Holdingford is an equal opportunity' provider and employer."