10 tips to Lower Your Water Bill


In the Kitchen

1. Only run the dishwasher when it's full and necessary. Use the 'short' cycle if your machine has that option.
2. Take a break from dishes on the weekend - use paper products instead.
3. Don't use the garbage disposal; toss scraps in the garbage bin instead.
4. Rinse produce with a bowl of water rather than running the faucet. Use leftover water for plants.

In the Bathroom
5. Put timers in your family bathrooms to encourage shorter showers. Reducing your time in the shower by one minute will save hundreds of gallons per household each month.
6. Replace older shower heads with new low-flow models. Pre 1992 showerheads 5 gallons of water a minute after 1992, showerheads legally required no more than 2.5 gallons of water can buy showerhead that puts out as little as 1.0 gallons of water per minute and still offers an enjoyable shower). The average person uses a shower for 10 minutes per day
7. Only flush the toilet when necessary.
8. Place a bucket in the shower to collect water while it heats up. Use the water on plants or to flush the toilet.
9. Running water faucets use 2-3 gallons per minute. Men should consider using an electric shaver or turning off the water while they shave. Or grow a beard.
10. Put some food dye in the back of the toilet tank. If the dye appears in the toilet bowl within 15 minutes, your toilet is leaking and should be fixed.