Millions (a lottery story) web site

Here is a link to the Paul La Blanc and Jordan Katon movie Millions (a lottery story) website. It has a little trailer to the movie
The following is the plot summary on the movie from the Internet Movie Database
"For many Americans, winning the lottery represents the ultimate dream come true. Rags to riches stories and their sordid flip side - tales of millions wasted by undisciplined winners - are common fodder for the tabloids and TV news outlets. But the public is rarely, if ever allowed more than a superficial glimpse into the world of instant, unexpected wealth. Millions (a lottery story) follows the lives of six different big money winners to enable audiences to see in detail just how dramatically life-changing the experience can be for the average person. From the farms of the Midwest and the heart of the Bible belt to the hurricane-riddled retirement communities of South Florida, Millions documents the true stories of people as rich in personality as they are (or once were) in material wealth. By using the everyday lives of its subjects the film gains insights into such diverse subjects as fame, growing old, the plight of the small farmer, and the role of evangelical Christianity in contemporary society. Millions paints a vivid picture of how extraordinary circumstances can deeply affect one's identity, and tells a poignant story of luck, loss and redemption."