After many years of different people trying to get high speed internet into Holdingford. Folks will very soon have two choices. A startup co. called Surfsota.com is in the testing stage of providing wireless internet to Holdingford and the surrounding area. They contracted with the City to put a reciever on top of the water tower. I have been told by Jeff Krych they will be up and running in November '05. Starting bandwidth 64kbps for $19.95 with the top end of 1.5mbps $169.95 these rates on a sliding scale depending on bandwidth usage. The other connection will be with U.S.Cable our video provider. They are bringing in fiber lines and use the existing wiring be able to provide a hard line service within the City. Talking to the manager Steve Johnson the lowest speed 128kbps (may be higher) $23.99 a month fastest listed now at 3 mbps for $39.99 he said when they start service the end of January '06 it will probably be 5 or 6mbs for the same price. Contact these companies for more details informatiion. Although my present dialup provider Cloudnetnet.com has been a very friendly & stable Co. to work with over the years I'm going to have to switch.

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